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Flocks (2014)

Flock of Birds

Jasper Dutz, clarinet

Bryan Qu, soprano saxophone

Regev Yairi, tenor saxophone

By the Ocean of Time (2014)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 7.31.29 PM

Senior recital composition for the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Quentin Tschofen, conductor

Rachael Susser, flute/piccolo

Darren Ziller, flute

Alex Briceño, English horn

Steven Frieder, clarinet

Nathan Bellott, clarinet

Jasper Dutz, bass clarinet

Sara McDonald, French horn

Jess Lombardo, French horn

Kate Amrine, trumpet

Carou Johnson, trumpet

Matt Bumgardner, trombone

Billy Duffy, trombone

Ryan Fisk, tuba

Kosta Galanopolous, percussion

Zan Tetickovic, percussion

Alex Kirkpatrick, percussion

Mokichi Kawaguchi, piano

Louis Cohen, guitar/electronics

Transformations I (2014)

Vignette (2014)


Quentin Tschofen, piano

Ted Olsen, bass

Miguel Hurtado, drums

January 2014